The Young Minds of Tomorrow: How Today’s Teachers Can Inspire Their Students to Reach New Heights 1

One of the most important and difficult aspects for a teacher is motivating your students. Any unmotivated student is one who puts a lot of effort into avoiding educational challenges other than coming up with solutions to tackling them. When such a student is given an assignment he or she will be quick to complain, “Is it necessary for us to do this?” Teachers who work with unmotivated students are faced with two main challenges. The first challenge is for the teacher to find out what it is that actually motivates the student in question. The teacher, in this case, has to be able to identify scenarios that the student responds to positively. Such situations can be used to foster the student’s interest. The second and most difficult challenge for the teacher is to change the student’s mindset into believing that if he/she applies effort into academic tasks, success will actually come their way. The following three methods can be used by teachers to motivate their students.

Create Real Life Lessons

Unmotivated students normally wonder ‘Do I really have to know this?’ Teachers have to be able to help them see how these classroom lessons can be applied in their lives outside the classroom. For example, teachers can use motivational speakers or motivational videos found on social media to encourage students on real life situations that they encounter on a day to day basis.

Simplify Academic Tasks

Some students normally find assignments too overwhelming, they then put forth very little effort towards completing them. Giving the student one step at a time tasks will be helpful. Simple step by step tasks may help the student gain confidence in himself or herself.

Seeking Further Training

Teachers should seek to acquire more knowledge and skills on leadership in order to empower their students. Enrolling for classes such as a master’s degree in educational leadership or other educational related courses can be a start. The teachers can be able to apply the lessons learned to the students’ challenges and empower them into performing better. In return, the student is motivated to keep up the good job.

Teachers will find it important to develop and maintain good relations with their students for them to remain motivated. The teachers are required to go an extra mile in meeting individual student needs for the student to be able to realize their full potential and how to keep moving towards greater heights.

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky Snowball. Connect with her on Google+and (@LizzieWeakley).

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  1. I can’t honestly say I remember an inspiring teacher at secondary school, although many of them were nice enough and competent at drilling at least some knowledge into me. At A-level we had an excellent English Lit teacher called Jill Silverthorne who made lessons exciting and interesting, and sparked a real interest for me in writing, reading, poetry and drama. She was quite young then, and I sometimes wonder if she is still teaching at the same college or what has happened to her.

    Another teacher who inspired me was my A-level art tutor Andrew Burkitt. I wouldn’t say he was a good teacher in the conventional way, and he’d probably be pleased to hear me say that because he hated teaching! But I remember having conversations with him about the guitar (we were both into the blues) and he talked to me on an equal level unlike most other teachers at the time. It was thanks to him that my art practice really matured; not during that time but in the time after I left the college but definitely as a result of his attitudes passed on to me. Now he was getting on a bit and may well be retired by now. I hope he’s enjoying a healthy life relaxing, playing guitar, painting and fishing.

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