Main Issues Students Face When Changing School Reply

A lot of families often change their locations for a living, especially if it concerns the military families who depend on the father’s redeployment. You might think it is easy and fun because changes can only bring the good for the family, however, there is one issue that is especially hard for the kid when s/he changes the living place – the school. Changing schools is never a good experience, and this article is going to consider some of the main issues students face when changing the educational institution.

Making New Friends

Making new friends is not an easy thing to do especially if the child is an introvert. Usually, any child becomes attached to the old friends s/he used to have and to part with them is a whole tragedy. Breaking this link can lead to the new acquaintances and new experiences, however, what if not? What if he is going to be bullied in the new educational institution and would never find his/her best friend? Your kid might find some kids who s/he will be happy to spend time with, but can they be called real friends? The 2014 report by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement in Georgia showed that schools with the high percentage of mobile students had fewer kids in gifted education programs.

Adapting to New Teachers

School problems do not end on changing the educational institution itself, but the teachers as well. The kid is lucky if the school transfer happens at the beginning of the year so that s/he can get ready emotionally for it. But what if it takes place in the middle of the year? Your kid is used to the teachers s/he had, and now s/he has to get acquainted with all of them again? It is an absolutely horrendous experience unless your kid is a true extrovert. There is a unique degree of trust that appears between the student and the teacher, but if the student changes the schools often, s/he will never be able to get it.

Adapting to New Classes

Classes may differ from school to school: if the child makes a change of school in the middle of the year, it may become a whole catastrophe for him/her. Is s/he supposed to continue what s/he has studied in the previous educational institution? This is another tough question in terms of changing the educational institution. And the best way out for the kid would be if s/he can continue studying what he started in the previous school. Otherwise, s/he is going to have education problems. The University of Chicago made a research on 13,000 students that showed that the kids who changed their schools more than five times by sixth grade would be a year behind their peers.

Adapting to New Cultural Aspects

Of course, it does not concern situations when the family moves to the neighboring state, but if it used to live in the extreme West and now it is moving to the extreme South, there might appear some cultural differences. And for the kid who is experiencing stress anyway, it will be just another matter of being depressed. It can be little things like slight differences in food, or it can be major things like differences in language: what if the kid moved to a Spanish-speaking area? S/he will not understand a single word in Spanish that is why this can become another barrier to assimilation.

Passive Attitude to the After-School Life

It is amazing if the child is active and takes part in the after-school life. But what if he does not feel like participating in the sports matches or even going to the school parties? The depression in college students can appear for no reason, let alone if s/he changes the educational institution. Trying to make him/her more active may become useless if s/he does not feel like doing it. That is why the only way out is to find out what the problem is, try to solve it and expect the child get back to life again. The study that was made in 1990 made an experiment on 10,000 students, and the study showed that mobile kids are 35% more likely to have bad grades and 77% – to have behavioral problems.


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