MBA Admissions Q&A Transcript Reply

essay-edge-logo-newLast week, I hosted another live chat over at our partner site, EssayEdge. This time we focused on MBA-related topics, especially essays since they are such a vital component of business school applications in particular. The transcript of the chat will remain live on the EssayEdge site for the next couple weeks so be sure to check it out if you’re at all interested in MBA admissions. 

Some of the topics we covered this time include:

  • What are important components of the MBA essay?
  • Can you use the same essay on more than one application?
  • Why do MBA admissions committees ask for so many essays?
  • How can I shorten my essay?
  • How do I make my essay great?

If you’re curious as to how I answered the above questions, in addition to others, be sure to check out the chat transcript here. As I mentioned earlier, it will remain accessible until our next scheduled live chat, which is next Thursday, November 14th at 7PM and will focus on college application topics. Mark your calendars and spread the word!

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