Big Scholarship News – Want $5,000 for College? Reply

Last week, Peterson’s introduced a brand new scholarship search tool that makes it easier than ever to search for and find scholarships that help you cover the cost of higher education. For more information on the search tool itself, check out our introductory post here and experiment with the tool itself here.

Today, we published a couple articles that give a glimpse into the huge number of diverse and interesting scholarships available through the tool. In the first, we focused on some of the more unique scholarships available for activities such as skateboarding and adult students. Check it out!

In the second, we focused on scholarships that are remarkably easy when it comes to applying. These include offers that automatically apply to students with good grades and one for submitting an application essay that you already wrote. You can view that one here.

Most exciting of all, Peterson’s itself is sponsoring a $5,000 scholarship this fall and all you need to do to be eligible is sign up! What are you waiting for? $5K for filling out a simple online form – sounds like a pretty dang good deal to me!

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