Just How Rich are Some Universities? Reply

iStock_000004647415XSmallSoars. Skyrockets.

No, we’re not talking about LeBron James making an absurd dunk in a recent NBA contest or some extreme athlete achieving new milestones in wingsuit flight. Instead, these are the two most common verbs used in recent headlines describing Harvard University’s growing deficit, reported at $34 million for the most recent fiscal year as opposed to a more modest (but still massive by most of our standards) $7.9 million the year before.


Fear the Book of Faces! …Or not. Reply

iStock_000001927691SmallRyan Hickey points to two articles in his Monday Link Round-up about social media and how it’s being used in the college admissions process. We’ve talked about this on Peterson’s before, too, in an article about how to use social media in your application, and in an article about how to use Facebook carefully and intelligently with regard to admissions. It’s not news that admissions officers are looking at social media when they make their decisions.

So why does it keep coming up? What do you need to know to be safe, really? How worried should you be?


Monday Link Roundup for Week of 11/11/13 1

P copyEver get the feeling that days are somehow sneaking past without you noticing? You know, that feeling when you look at the calendar thinking that it’s something like November 4th or so but it’s actually a full week later? That’s exactly how I felt when I started going through the news this morning, so much so that I actually double-checked the date several times. Despite my incredulousness, it is indeed already almost halfway through the month of November and by the time the next one of these link roundups rolls around, we’ll actually be closer to the start of December than the end of October. The phrase tells us that, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” but it would be equally accurate if it said, “Time flies when you’re working extremely hard.” More…

Pay for College, Make Money? Reply

iStock_000004647415XSmallWhile catching up on admissions news over my morning coffee yesterday and putting together our Monday link roundup for this week, I came across an interesting article on CNN Money. The article fascinated me so much that I deliberately left it out of the link roundup, as I wanted to think about it, do a little research, and then talk about it in its own separate post. This is that post, if you haven’t guessed by now. More…

MBA Admissions Q&A Transcript Reply

essay-edge-logo-newLast week, I hosted another live chat over at our partner site, EssayEdge. This time we focused on MBA-related topics, especially essays since they are such a vital component of business school applications in particular. The transcript of the chat will remain live on the EssayEdge site for the next couple weeks so be sure to check it out if you’re at all interested in MBA admissions.  More…

Monday Link Roundup for Week of 11/4/13 Reply

P copySugar high steadily fading into a post-candy-binge hangover? Check.

Festive jack-o’-lantern slowly withering as it rots on your front porch? Check.

Halloween supplies and decorations instantly gone from your local stores, immediately replaced by gaudy Christmas displays? Check.

Advertisements proclaiming the arrival of the holiday shopping season already filling airwaves, newspapers, and websites everywhere? Check.

Beware the Deadline Zombie… Reply

Jack o' LanternHappy Halloween to all of our readers out there, whether they’re spending the day dressed as ghosts and goblins or haggard applicants and stressed-out parents!

With spooky things lurking everywhere today, I’m writing a short post to warn you about one of the scariest things that I personally know of: the deadline zombie (cue “dun dun dun” along with a crash of thunder and some lightning). These creatures, which most often struggle to life the day after major college application deadlines, are exhausted shells of the people they usually are, having spent the vast majority of the previous day and night hunched in front of a computer desperately trying to finish and submit applications in advance of an impending due-date. More…

Found in Translation Reply

LettersAccording to Cnn.com, the hottest job skill is…translation. These kind of articles are always a little problematic — just because “the hottest job skill is language translation,” doesn’t mean you should drop whatever educational plans you might have had to go running after language learning. I will always emphasize that you’re probably going to be better off pursuing a skill in which you have interest, and doing it exceedingly well, than you are pursuing something in which you have no interest, and doing it poorly. (Read this post here on the Newswire for more about someone who pursued something in which he was interested and was rewarded for it, along with Ryan Hickey’s excellent breakdown of that story.)

However, it wouldn’t be prudent to ignore how important knowledge of a second language can be to your career.


MOOCs and the Issues of Education Reply

ComputersSalon has an article up, aggregating information from a number of different news sources, about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and their role in education moving forward. It’s a pretty divisive article that suggests that most of the effort in playing up MOOCs is coming from the profit-motivated desires of certain companies, like Coursera and Udacity.

For most people out there, what’s really important is whether or not MOOCs are useful. Do they serve students well? Do they solve the problems that students are likely to face? More…

Your Take: 2013-2014 College Applications Reply

PollHey everyone! Each week here on the Peterson’s Newswire, we’ll be featuring one post that simply asks a relevant question or two about some aspect of applications, financial aid, or related subjects. We want your input and for you to be able to see how other applicants answer as well. The more participation we can get, the more interesting and insightful these polls will be – so be sure to share with your friends and colleagues!

This week, we have two basic questions about college applications for this cycle. Let us know your answers below and check back later to see how you compare to the rest of our readers.