Big Scholarship News – Want $5,000 for College? Reply

Last week, Peterson’s introduced a brand new scholarship search tool that makes it easier than ever to search for and find scholarships that help you cover the cost of higher education. For more information on the search tool itself, check out our introductory post here and experiment with the tool itself here.

Today, we published a couple articles that give a glimpse into the huge number of diverse and interesting scholarships available through the tool. In the first, we focused on some of the more unique scholarships available for activities such as skateboarding and adult students. Check it out! More…

The Gap Year Reply

Yesterday in an article on, teacher and educational consultant David Marcus responded to the recent technical difficulties on the Common App website by using those glitches to encourage more students to take a gap year between the end of high school and start of college. He says:

I urge 12th-graders to consider a gap year, combining working, going to community college and doing public service. Grow up, I say, and take a year to find your passions and to give back to the taxpayers who have done a lot for you. Parents in high-pressure communities usually dismiss that idea.

I’m secretly hoping for more delays with the Common App.

If kids can’t apply to college now, they can’t go next year. And that means they’ll be forced to take a gap year, which likely will be the best preparation for college of which anyone can dream. More…

Learning Periodontics: Earn Your Dental Degree Online Reply

An online dental degree program could be your ticket to a job as a dental hygienist. If you are good with people and possess the confidence and manual dexterity required to work on people’s teeth and gums, you could be working as a dental hygienist after only two years of an online dental degree program. Dental hygienists work alongside dentists, cleaning and removing soft and hard deposits from patients’ teeth, and instructing patients on proper oral hygiene. They may be required to examine and document the condition of a patient’s teeth. They have to be familiar with competent in the use of an assortment of tools, including X-ray machines. More…